Macore? C:

My names Alice.
Im 19,
I smile all day no matter what &laugh at everything too C:
From TEXAS, but my heart will forever stay in Xalapa, Veracruz<3

Theres no better relationship then one you can have with your God.

"We wont rest" <3



Daniel Radcliffe, on the time he spends in bookshops during his time off. — The South Bank Show. (x)

Daniel Radcliffe is a literal manic pixie dream boy and I’m MAD ABOUT IT.

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Daytona Beach, Florida
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do you ever daydream of dressing boys in better clothes

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The newest additions to the family enjoying a sunny afternoon on Nantucket!

I just can’t. They’re so cute

"I remember sitting at my grandfather’s feet when I was eight or nine years old, while he sat in an old chair and read the New York Times. He tried to explain the creation of Israel, and the situation in the Middle East. And even though he was a rabbi and a holocaust survivor, he explained the viewpoints of everyone involved in the conflict. Then told me to decide for myself."

"You’re the first person who broke my heart. For the rest of my life, you will always be the one who hurt me the most. Don’t forget that."

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I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me like you always knew things wouldn’t work out. And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to, like it matters who you’re sleeping with now. Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or any time that we spent with each other? I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory when you’re just another meaningless lover. Forget the nights that we spent laughing until the morning on your bedroom floor without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall. Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled, the smoke still on your breath, undressed and pinning you up to the wall. I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep. You were always trying to walk in circles around me. I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood. I would hate you if I could. I would hate you but I’m not finished yet. Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come when you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are. When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke and wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.

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my g spot is located about 2 inches inside your wallet

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Its a problem that many of us suffer from